Just when you thought that they couldn’t top the classic Warrior Soul Rock n Roll Limo, or last year’s private studio showcase, Warrior Soul brings you ‘The Rock Yacht’ –  a four hour, back on the lash booze cruise party on the Thames looking at London from the river!

This is going to a night of epic proportions. Plan on a drop of free rum and let’s end the summer with a Warrior Soul private event for all the thrill seekers in the capital (and beyond).

The night will feature specially invited guests from the hard rocking ‘Black Bullets’ and stoner kings ‘Lowdrive’ who feature the amazing guitar work of Warrior Soul alumni John ‘Baby H’ Hodgson. Also expect a couple of new songs from Warrior Soul’s fabulously ill-conceived follow up record to ‘Back On the Lash’ called ‘Over The Top’ – all live on the fucking Thames! Are you kidding?!

Limited to 50 people and with standard bar prices, this is a rare opportunity to see Warrior Soul up close and buy them a drink. You don’t need to bring your own life-jacket but ensure that you bring a constitution of steel.

For tickets use Paypal and send £35.00 to warriorsoulmgmt@gmail.com. This is very limited so get on board asap.