Longing for concerts and contact with fans, the band Ego Kill Talent made a great performance on their Youtube channel. Gathering fans from Brazil to Spain, passing through the United States and the United Kingdom, the group ran through a setlist that covered from the debut album, Ego Kill Talent (2017), to the most recent singles, such as the tracks from the last EP released by the group, The Dance (watch here).

The quintet, in addition to focusing on the songs that catapulted them to international visibility, opened their intimacy by taking fans to the space of creation and coexistence of the members, the Family Mob studio. “We wanted our fans to have the experience of an Ego Kill Talent show and get to know the band in its intimacy, being able to see in a naked way how we deliver inside the studio,” says Jonathan Dörr (vocals), one of the pillars of the group alongside Theo Van Der Loo (bass and guitar), Jean Dolabella (drums and guitar), Raphael Miranda (drums and bass) and Niper Boaventura (guitar and bass). And it worked: showing that rock also has space in the movement of online shows, the numbers on the Ego Kill Talent channel increased the flow of daily views about 3.6 times, as the result of the +20 thousand views reached by the broadcast (so far). Streams of band’s content increased 10% on Spotify and 25% on Apple Music, on the week following the livestream.

“It felt like that was a real show, and what we saw was an energetic performance to finally reveal live versions of the powerful singles the band has been releasing”, states Tony Aiex, one of the main Brazilian cultural journalists and editor behind the website “Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos” (or “I have more records than friends”, in English). According to him, the numbers show how eager fans were for an EKT performance “to bang their heads to at home”. The journalist also points out that “it shows that the new songs have been received really well”.

Having always been sympathetic to the search for audiovisual innovation (in June, for example, they launched the video clip of “The Call”, with two spin-offs available by QR codes), the group is already analyzing new possibilities of staying active through digital possibilities. “We are thinking and talking about new ideas. You will soon know,” concludes the singer.

Livestream setlist: Now / Sublimated / We all / Old love and Skulls / The Searcher / Diamonds / Heroes, Kings and Gods / The Call / Still Here / Last Ride / Lifeporn / Just to Call you Mine / Try

Ego Kill Talent recently announced the title of their upcoming second album, The Dance Between Extremes​, due out later this year via BMG.

The band also shared three tracks from the record — dubbed “Part 1, The Dance”  — as well as the video for “​The Call​.” Watch it here. “‘The Call’ is a sonic invitation to fall into the abyss of our own mind and soul,” explains Dörr. Ego Kill Talent previously shared the video for “​Lifeporn​” and the single “​NOW!​”

The São Paulo, Brazil quintet has already made friends rock luminaries and has built up a beyond impressive touring history, having shared stages with genre behemoths like Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Shinedown, and more. Four of the band members are known to quickly trade instruments amongst themselves within their set and while playing, making for a thrilling spectacle of a performance.