GRAMMY® Award-nominated sister duo Larkin Poe have released new ‘Holy Ghost Fire’, the latest track from their new album, SELF MADE MAN. The track is available now at all DSPs and streaming services.

“Music is a raw power. In tough times, music can galvanize your heart and help you rise above – all you’ve got to do is sing,” says Rebecca Lowell. “‘Holy Ghost Fire’ is our anthem dedicated to the healing energy of music.”


The new album SELF MADE MAN comes out Friday June 12th, via the band’s own Tricki-Woo Records and you can pre-order it here. All pre-orders will be joined by instant grat downloads of ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ and the album’s acclaimed first single, ‘She’s A Self Made Man’.

SELF MADE MAN sees the multi-instrumentalist sister duo, comprised of the Atlanta-bred, Nashville-based Rebecca and Megan Lovell, pushing their music and message towards hitherto unexplored terrain, inspired by their epic world travels yet still powerfully rooted in the creative heritage of their beloved American South.

Songs like the gothic gospel ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ manifest a key aspect of the southern tradition, presenting a sense of celebration and renewal amid the common struggles of existence, offering a way to move through trying circumstances.

The album’s lead single ‘She’s A Self Made Man’ was released earlier this month and is available now at all DSPs and streaming services. With its playfully pointed gender twist, the track both gives the LP its title and serves as an anthem for Larkin Poe, kicking off the proceedings with a big riffed assertion of their current intent and amplified artistic power.

The video for ‘She’s A Self Made Man’ was released earlier in the week with Clash naming the “biting, fantastically emphatic new single” as its ‘Track of the Day’, and noting, “Its crunching guitar palette is augmented by flashes of sterling Americana, hearkening to their Nashville base.”

Whilst Classic Rock declared, “‘She’s A Self Made Man’ kicks all kinds of ass. If delta blues had a baby with punk, and raised it on beefy rock’n’roll, it might have turned out like this.”



SELF MADE MAN – which follows 2018’s chart-topping, GRAMMY® Award-nominated fourth studio album, VENOM & FAITH – was self-produced by Larkin Poe, like its predecessor, with “our good buddy and engineer” Roger Alan Nichols at his Nashville studio, Bell Tone Recording. From the thunderous power of the album-opening ‘She’s A Self Made Man’, through the nostalgic ‘Tears of Blue to Gold’ and fierce Chicago blues of ‘Scorpion’, to the front porch jubilation of ‘Easy Street’, the album is ambitious in both its eclectic, energetic sound and its resolutely welcoming mission, its universal lyrical approach fueled by tradition, invention, and Larkin Poe’s remarkable ability to touch the hearts and souls of their fellow humans worldwide.

“This is, in a lot of ways, is the first lyrically uplifting record we’ve made,” Megan Lowell says. “People can go through terrible things. People can weather immeasurable sorrow and hard times, and yet we can still come out on the other side, pull ourselves together, and thrive. This record reflects some of the joy and positivity that we ourselves feel and appreciate.”